Monday, April 21, 2014

washington dc blog post

I had a lot of fun on this trip! It was a long bus ride, we stopped at McDonald's and soon after we arrived at the museum. We got our schedule before we arrived at the museum. When we arrived at the museum I got scared. The steps were HUGE! we got off the bus and I was scared to walk up. Ms.Sudkamp happily helped me walk up the side of the steps. After i got over my fear of walking up those steps we went inside. It was beautiful. Me and my partner took a lot of pictures. After a while she went to go somewhere and i went to find Ms.Sudkamp to meet up with her, I got lost! But she found me, and thank god I had her cellphone number. We went into a room where we weren't  allowed to touch anything or take pictures. There were security guards everywhere! There was a girl who was about to take pictures and she was asked to put her phone away. After leaving that secured area, we went back down to the place where we were allowed to take pictures. There were still security guards down there. It was time for us to go eat at the cafe. I picked up pizza and a cup of soda with some chips. My partner wanted to get some ice cream but decided not to. We went on this moving sidewalk which was fun but got a little boring afterwards. Then after checking out gift shop after gift shop we got tired and sat down until it was time to go to the sculpture garden. When it was time to go to the sculpture garden we ran safely across the street. I was fascinated by the big fountain pool that was in the center of the garden. Almost everyone had their feet in it. I didn't put my feet in it because there were rumors that hobos washed in that pool. When the time at the sculpture garden was over I decided to follow Travis. We were going to the other art museum. Along with my partner and another girl. As all four of us went to the museum we went to the gift shop first. Then we went up anther floor and checked that floor out. I thought we were going back down. Travis and the other two went up the escalator. Even though I had my fear of heights I followed them. I called Travis telling him to wait. I tried so hard not to look down. Then Travis had the nerve to say "come on you can do it!" I yelled at him I'm not a dog! I felt comfortable once I got off the escalator and on the floor. We checked all of this museum out which basically had old art films. As we got out and sat outside of the museum for a moment. Then we got up and started walking back to the bus stop. At least I thought that was where we where going. On the way Travis dropped a quarter into a homeless man's hat. That was sad to see that. Then I realized we arrived at the national space museum. I started freaking out asking if we were supposed to be here. Travis said that they all had Ms.Sudkamp's permission. Also that they knew what time they were supposed to get back. I asked myself "Why did they have to drag me here?" I might as well have fun while I'm here. I did have fun, I took pictures, and I wasn't afraid of the steps. We left the museum, and we were the earliest people to be at the bus stop check. Travis said that they weren't going to climb the steps to sit down but they did anyway. I gathered up the courage and walked up those steps. I got over my fear of heights... for the moment. Later everyone else came and a little later after that the bus came. As we were waiting for a few people to come one girl came and got scolded at for not checking in. We left and it was a long ride. One guy stopped in front of us and pulled the middle finger. We went to McDonald's before heading home. When we left the fast food restaurant we sat in the grass waiting for the bus to come. On the way home we watched mean girls and another movie. We arrived at the school and that was the best trip in my school year.  

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